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Don’t dick me around (hare), CLA, in situ
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Crude Little Animals

There are cute little animals and then there are crude little animals. Tiny drawings of animals that love to talk back! How small are we talking? Most of these animals measure no more than 2 by 2 cm! That’s less than 1 x 1”. But fear not: however little they are – their mouths (or …

Ferrari in situ
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Classic Cars Go Everywhere!

Almost any animal can drive a classic car. Whether it’s a 1948 Maserati 4CLT or a 1965 Ford Mustang, leave it to a cat, snake, bird, rabbit or goat to make them roar! Each classic car is part of a limited edition. The cars are assembled digitally and printed on canvas. A lovely varnish finishes …

Zebras on a purple background with a zebra motif
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Surface Design: sneak peak of the jungle

I am momentarily working on several different surface design collections. One of them stars zebras! Zebras combine very well with loads of colours. It is very challenging for me me to not go overboard: I adore colours! Steep learning curve I am learning a lot designing this way. There is so much to consider! How …

A chicken behind the wheel of a yellow Morgan Plus 4 (1956). A rooster beside her looks scared.

Cute Cars: tiny classic cars on fine art paper

Cute Cars are a selection of all Limited Edition cars. Together with the cars from each Limited Edition they complete the Limited Edition: all the cars together (the canvas prints plus the Cute Cars) add up to 24 copies. Each one of the canvas prints has personalised details, therefore every artwork is different, rendering the …

Draakkat fine art print

Fine art prints: everything you always wanted to know

A giclée, what is it? The name comes from the French ‘gicler’, which means ‘flow’ or ‘splash’. During this process the rays of ink continuously hit the paper. The printer I use has 12 colours of ink – it can handle literally any tint! And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the colours keep their strenght …