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Bestial Classic Cars are Limited Edition Prints in three different formats. Each format will not be printed over eight times, which basically makes these works of art quite unique! They will hang greatly on the wall of any classic car, animal and colour lover.
Your pet as cartoon
Your pet as cartoon: a real life portrait of your beloved pet with a cartoonish twist! High resolution file (international) or canvas (within the Netherlands)

Realistic pet portraits
A realistic portrait of your pet! Click for examples and options.

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Facebook recensie 5 sterren Bestial Classic Cars

Tim Hupkes Art is all about fun & animals. I like to work realistically, as you can see at Pet Commissions (above) and on my Instagram account @Petcommission. Of course a lot of animals appreciate classic cars, which is why I chose to give this theme the attention it deserved. Under Bestial Classic Cars you find all sorts of beasties enjoying their luxurious rides. Also to be found on Instagram: @BestialClassicCars

And then there is the option of having your pet immortalise as a cartoon figure. Find examples under Your Pet As Cartoon, of course also on Instagram: @Your_Pet_As_Cartoon

Furthermore I illustrate en draw cartoons. In need of one of those for a publication or website or such? Don’t hesitate to contact me!