Animal Art: canvas prints

Canvas prints are open edition prints of digital oil paintings of animals. These canvasses are available in different sizes. These animals are also commissionable. Email me for more information!


Amber the Cat: canvas print

83.49350.90 Incl. VAT/ BTW

Faith the Rabbit: canvas print

78.65223.85 Incl. VAT/ BTW

Diego The Cat: canvas print

83.49510.62 Incl. VAT/ BTW


Who..? And for who?

Tim Hupkes
Tim Hupkes

My art is for those who do not let life get them down, at least not for too long.
People who appreciate that humour and colour are basic life necessities.

If you ever felt horrible but were able to laugh or let a strong colour in, you know what I mean… ;-)

My art aims to do that for you every day. Give you a smile and lift you up, both with colour, humour and endearment.

Who..? And for who?

Animal Art: Original Paintings

So you have decided to take an animal home. Which one will it be? What colour, what style? Here you find some of my animals: original acrylic paintings. To check them all out you can choose ‘animals’ in the menu above.


Ready to hang

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