Shipping an unframed painting

By The Sea, abstract painting of 100 x100 cm in the colours red, turquoise, blue, white and purple. Acrylics on canvas

Why ship an unframed painting?

A large painting that is framed needs good protection. When it goes overseas, it is smart to send it in a wooden crate. Unfortunately this takes a longer time, because I have to have this crate made first. It also makes shipping more costly. The crate along weighs about 15 kg | 33 lb! A framed painting however is ready: it arrives, you hang it on the wall!

Other options

I can unframe the painting before sending it to you. This means you will have to have it framed once it arrives. There are excellent frame makers out there who can make this happen for you. My advice is to reach out to one near you and ask how much they would charge. Of course you can also do it yourself, if you are handy at all!

How is it sent?

I will send the painting rolled up and very well packed, so it is protected during its travels. I have learned a thing or two from Shreya Sarda. You find her Youtube video below, explaining how she does it and how I do it.

Choosing your shipping method

You find the shipping method ‘send unframed’ in the shipping options of the larger paintings.

Options once you receive the painting

Of course you can choose to have a wooden frame attached to your painting. If you live in a humid climate, maybe it is better to choose an aluminium frame. This is also a good choice if you prefer to hang the painting in a room like the bathroom. Last but not least you can hang the canvas without any form of framing. This gives a bit of a bohemian, adventurous vibe.

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