Who is this Tim Hupkes?

Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious – Oscar Wilde

Although I’m a woman, my name is Tim. That’s the price you pay for having forward hippie parents who decide that names cannot have a gender! To ease their parents minds they did also give me two ‘typically female’ names but by then I’d got used to ‘Tim’.

Anything & everything

As creatives do, I’ve always had the inclination to ‘do something’. Paint, write, draw, Sing (sorry everyone I grew up with), dance but no, I had a real vague sense of rhythm so that really wasn’t for me. At one point two things remained: the writing and the painting. (That being said, I do love me an insane karaoke night!)


When I was young I was crazy about animals and that really hasn’t changed much. Strangely enough even though I grew up around cats, I used to never draw them. I’m making up for that now, as you can see: with the Delahaye, with the Alfa Romeo and of course with the Saab. That being said, did you know? Any animal can drive a car!
Yep – that is the world I live in.


Tim Hupkes
Tim Hupkes in the great outdoors
Moment in Time in the hallway (Saab 92, 1950)
‘Moment in Time’ a 1950 Saab 92 in sync with its background
Garden Outburst
Garden Outburst (abstact acrylic on canvas)

Cover of free pdf ‘5 tips to enhance your living space’ (Classic Cars Go Everywhere)

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