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I’ve put all the beasts together for your convenience. 😉 Animals are an intrinsic part of many people’s lives. That’s absolutely understandable if you look at how much love and joy they spread! And now it is possible to have your very own animals, viewing the world from… well… quite a unique perspective.

Animals driving cars… classic cars!

There are pets that lie in the sunshine all day and then there are those, who get behind the wheel! Whether it’s a cat or a goat, these animals know how to handle horse power! 🤩

You can choose one of the classic cars available, or commission me to draw your own pets or favourite animals, driving your favourite car – in your favourite colour! That is a lot of favourites! 😉

The Classic Cars canvas prints are Limited Editions. In case you commission me a car, it is an absolute unique canvas print! The cars are painted digitally.

Original paintings

Cheerful, colourful paintings that enrich any home. Who is to say funny beasts do not belong in sophisticated homes? I say; the more the merrier! Every house needs joy and a sense of freedom, after all. 😊

Canvas prints

These canvas are mostly digitally oil painted animals. They add a sense of colour and cuteness where ever they go.

Pencil drawings

These tiny coloured pencil drawings portait animals with an attitude: meet the Crude Little Animals! They are available as original and as Limited Editions (14 pieces per animal).