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Three different classic cars and animals options

I paint digitally. All of my classic cars and animals artworks are therefore prints. They come together in Limited Editions of max 24 art pieces or as a unique, 100% personal artwork of which you get to choose certain details.

I print the fine art paper giclees myself. I use a beautiful 280 gms part cotton Fine Art Paper for this and a Epson R2880 printer. This printer is mostly used by photographers because it does such a wonderful job in capturing both detail and colour.

For the canvas prints I work with a company that prides itself in developing an amazing UV blocking satin gloss lacquer, both beautiful and sturdy. Needless to say it is their company secret! And the result is a wonderful painting that will keep you smiling for years to come.

Grille of the Delahaye Torpedo 135MS: detail of Sunset Road Trip
Grille of the Delahaye Torpedo 135MS: detail of Sunset Road Trip

1. Limited Editions Classic Cars

At a glance:
– max. 24 artworks (incl. Cute Cars);
your personal details;
different sizes;
– UV blocking lacquer;
– numbered & signed;
– certificate of authenticity

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There are only 24 copies within a Limited Edition. I paint solely digitally. Each painting is a giclée print on canvas. I sign and number it by hand. I then carefully fixate it and varnish it with a satin gloss UV blocking lacquer.

Each copy has its own details. This means you get to decide what will be on the number plate. This could be your name, birthday, initials of your family or … Just let your imagination run wild! You can also choose the number plate itself. Perhaps you prefer a 1950 UK black plate with silver letters. Or a 1962 white letters on red Ohio plate! If you have suggestions for other details, please don’t hesitate and see if they’re possible. Because of this each painting is unique and personalised. In short: an original artwork!

2. Cute Classic Cars (Tiny Cars)

At a glance:
– max 3 artworks:
– your personal details;
– max approx. 7.8 x 11.8”;
– fine art paper print
– numbered & signed;

– certificate of authenticity.

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Cute cars are a bit of a rarety. There are only 3 cute cars per Limited Edition! Each car that has a Limited Edition is also available as a Cute Car.

These prints are no larger than 20 x 30 cm, which is approx. 7.8 x 11.8”! Therefore they fit in small places. Also it means you can hang a whole fleet of them!

Because their prices are also cute, that they make for the perfect and perfectly considerate, personalised gift.

3. Made-To-Order Classic Cars

At a glance:
– your favourite car;
– choose the model;
– your favourite colour(s);
– the animal(s) you love
– UV blocking lacquer;
– certificate of authenticity.

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Commission me to paint your desired classic car and get a one of a kind classic car painting so this will be an artwork like no other!

You get to decide which car make, model, animal(s), colour(s) and of course number plate.

All classic cars are digital oil paint art, printed as a canvas print.

Every single artwork is varnished with a beautiful UV blocking satin gloss lacquer. This way you know you will enjoy this artwork for a very long time to come. And every piece of art is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

A yellow Morgan Plus 4 in the kitchen (Classic cars and animals)
A yellow Morgan Plus 4 in a kitchen
A fleet of Cute Cars along the staircase
Cute Cars along a staircase
Happy customer with a Saab 92 on the wall
A unique Classic Car with Happy Owner

Start your classic car collection with three simple steps!


Choose your car, animals and colour. Tip: where will the painting be hanging? To find out how it will look in that particular room, ask me about it. This service is often free of charge!


Order on the website. I will contact you to get all the desired details! If you want your pets to feature in the painting, I will ask for a few photos of them.


Wait for the parcel deliverer to bring your classic car home. Hang the painting in its rightful place!
(Please note: giclee prints will need additional framing first)



Your house, your rules, also: your colours. Have friends and neighbours look a little greenish. 😉


As far as decor goes – it does not get any more personal than this!


Remember your pets. Today, tomorrow, forever. Have them featured in a unique piece of art!


What do the classic cars look like in a home or office environment?
Find out right here!

Classic Cars and Animals: blue Ferrari with mice
Blue Cruisin’ & surfin’ (Ferrari GTS 365 plus a surfboard)


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