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Making your product enchanting can be a challenge. Tim Hupkes Art loves to help you make it irresistible! Choosing the right image for a product. Maybe tweaking it a bit. Anything is possible!


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Who is Tim Hupkes?

My work is full of colourful, happy, funny animals and situations. I like looking at the world from an entirely different angle. The absurder, the better! The best compliment I ever got, was when someone spontaneously spat out her tea from laughter when she saw one of my paintings. That’s why I do what I do! So consider this a warning: as soon as I see people drink coffee or tea, I consider it a challenge.

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Why choose Tim Hupkes Art?

What makes my company different from others? Like so many artist I truely love my work. What I have to offer is a combination of art and business attitude. I don’t fear deadlines. I can help with lay out: Photoshop and InDesign hold very few secrets for me. Also I bring a vast flexibility into the equation. Would you prefer coloured pencils over acrylics paint? Or digital work over watercolours? Or maybe you want this image but not with dogs – with cats. Or horses. None of this is a problem.

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