Apart from painting and drawing supposedly as an artist you need to know how to reach a larger audience. Not the easiest job, if you’re an introvert…. So I sought and found help!

The course

The course I am currently doing is quite severe and holds a lot of different subjects, from professionally photographing your work to social media content planning and everything in between! It’s interesting to see what I like, and dislike. Figuring out code for my website? Yay! Photographing? Yikes! 😝

However… how does this affect you..?

I hope you’ll get to know me a bit better. Apparently it’s necessary to show your face 😬 Then again… whenever I encounter art that I love, I want to get to know the artist too. Guess it goes both ways 🤔

Tim Hupkes. In the background the painting ‘Sirtaki’


First thing you may notice is a serious discount on one of my artworks! As soon as you subscribe to The Fun & Art Gazelle, who comes by on a regular basis bringing news, information and (gossip??) you receive a 15% off coupon to spend in my webshop.

Oyeee… I’ve already subscribed!!

In case you’ve already subscribed to this antilope, formarly know as the Monday Cartoon, obviously you have a right to this 15% off coupon. 😎 Send me an email and receive that discount coupon pronto! 🤩

Dare Devil boven een kinderbox

Curious about Amanda Heath’s course? You find more information about it here ->

So… what art is there to spice up your life? There is lots to find right here ->

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