Realistic Portrait of Your Two Pets PPR2
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A realistic portrait of your two darling pets! Any combination is possible. Put your horse on the picture together with your lizard. Or your cat with your mouse! There are no limits. 😉

This item comes as a high resolution file and is printable up to 60 x 60 cm (approx. 23.6”)

Please take into account: for this work I will need very clear photos of your pet. The better the photos, the better the result! Waiting time at this moment is 3 weeks (June/July 2020).

Please note that;
- If you want only 1 animal featured, please check out the item‘Portrait of Your Pet (realistic)’ (link)
- if you would like a portrait of more than 2 pets featured please contact me (link)
- Would you rather have a canvas ready to hang or any questions, please contact me. (link)

At this moment (June/July 2020) the waiting time is about 3 weeks.

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