Realistic Portrait of Your Pet RP
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A painting of your pet. These beauties come as a high resolution file, which you can (have) printed up to 60 x 60 cm (approx. 23.6”)

Please take note: this item does NOT come as a printed canvas. If that is what you prefer, please contact me so I can tailor-make a new item you can choose in the store.

Please take into account: for this work I will need very clear photos of your pet. The better the photos, the better the result! Waiting time at this moment is 3 weeks (June/July 2020).

This item comes as a high resolution file and is printable up to 60 x 60 cm (approx. 23.6”)

Please note that;
- If you want 2 animals featured, please check out the item ‘Portrait of Your 2 Pets (realistic)’ (link)
- if you would like a portrait of more than 2 pets featured please contact me (link)
- Would you rather have a canvas ready to hang or any questions, please contact me. (link)

At this moment (June/July 2020) the waiting time is about 3 weeks.

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