I came across this fantastic tool on the Dutch houseplant website Plantsome. It helps you find exactly what you’re looking for. First, you answer questions like: where in your home do you want to place the plant? Does this spot receive a lot or just a bit of sunlight? Do you have pets? How big would you like your plant to be? Then, a few options are generated. Easy-peasy!

The ultimate tool

When I saw that, obviously I started drooling instantly. What a tool…! #NoPunIntended
I decided to check the website’s source code to see how it worked. Turns out, it’s a completely different platform from the one my website runs on. Unfortunately, implementing such a tool on my website would be really complicated.


But still… how awesome would it be?! You visit my website and find the right options in a matter of a few simple steps. Art that best suits you, your energy, and your home! Choosing characteristics like size, color, whether it should be an animal, an abstract piece, or a mandala… Is it alright for the artwork be slightly darker because it will be hung in bright light? Is the painting resistant to sunlight? Sun exposure can fade many artworks…

Ta-da… I’m your tool (You know what I mean! 🤣)

For now, you’ll have to rely on my assistance instead of said shiny tool. If you’re looking for something specific but don’t know what exactly, just reach out. If you’re in the area, feel free to drop by. I have delicious coffee and a wide variety of teas! Just shoot me a message or give me a call to let me know when you’re coming, and there might even be actual cookies in your future. 😉🍪

Help is on the way

So whether you only know that your new painting should be 80 x 80 cm, or that you love the color blue… Together, we’ll figure it out for sure! And the best part? Whether you visit in person, chat, call, or message me, it’s all non-committal. And the coffee and tea and possible cookies are always completely free! 😉


No matter where you are in your search for art for your home, whether you have a vague idea of the size or colours you want, I’m here to help! I’m ready to work with you to discover what best fits with your style, personality, and home. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s enrich your home with beautiful artworks together! 🤩

Below you find a few colour selections from the possible artworks

Purple options

Red and orange rabbits dancing a Sirtaki on a purple background
Mandala 42
Never Say Goodbye, abstract painting, acrylics on canvas

Blue options

Monaco Maserati Bunny
Mandala 35
By The Sea, abstract painting of 100 x100 cm in the colours red, turquoise, blue, white and purple. Acrylics on canvas

Red options

What’s that now?
Mandala 28
Embrace, abstract painting

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