It’s not always easy to visualise art you love in your home. Fret not! I’m here to help. If you tell me which painting or print you desire, I can make a mock-up of that particular artwork in your living room, home office, or any other room at your place.

Art is like a local liquor

By which I mean; that glass of ouzo on a Greek beach tastes better than it does at home. How come? It’s a perfect match. The same way you prefer your home to be complimented by the art you purchase. To make sure this happens, I have created this free service.

Free, you say..?

Indeed, I do this for free. What if you don’t end up buying anything..? No worries. This is a complementary service which won’t cost a dime, not even if you don’t buy any art (yet). 😉

Browse, seek, find..!

In order to find your perfect art piece you can search in different ways. You can filter on colour, prints, originals. And, as always, I am available for questions and remarks.

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