What is the opinion of those people who have my art in their home? Thus far there has only been a lot of enhusiasm. A massive compliment indeed! 😊

‘Had my oriental cat turned into a cartoon and she looks amazing. It’s absolutely her and Tim has really managed to capture her colour and fur and her attitude all as a cartoon. I absolutely love it and it is getting framed up and going on the wall. Thank you Tim. Xx❤️‘

Katherine Y.

Cartoon pet portrait

‘Our little Joey was drawned digitally phantastically, Tim really ‘nailed’ his face. Photo and drawing next to each other really show this. The look, colours, it all makes sense… Bizarre to look at. Thanks Tim for this beautiful artwork.’

Dave S.

Foto van Joey
Foto van Joey
Huisdierportret van Joey
Huisdierportret van Joey

’Hi Tim, it took a while but we’ve printed Maggie’s cartoon portrait. Thanks so much! 🙏 I promised you a photo, here it is.

So happy 🥰 It is going to get the best spot in the house. 😃👍🏻’

John B.

Maggie de Engelse springer spaniël

‘Received mugs – super, are beautiful!’

Aukje W-S.

Fairy Wren mok

‘Hi Tim, I saw the email. Am very excited about it. Love how you transformed him.’

Jessica P-P.

Pim de Parkiet
Pim’s Wilde Innerlijke Dier

Bing, checking out his own portrait

Have a look first and touch (carefully)

You’re always welcome in my art studio. There are quite a few paintings you can see with your own eyes and I hold a few fine art prints in stock. This makes it all to clear what an actual artwork will look like at your home! Let me know when you want to come by – I take care of tea or coffee! Parking is free.

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