Sunset Road Trip (Delahaye, 1938) | Fine Art Print | Limited Edition

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This Mulberry / Periwinkle Delahaye is speeding through a sunset. Goat is driving and Cat is leaning back. What a trip!

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This Cute Car is a museum quality print on beautiful art paper that is partly cotton. Details really pop out.

There are only 24 copies within a Classic Cars Go Everywhere Limited Edition. This includes the ones in the Cute Car Selection. There are only 3 Cute Cars per classic car/ Limited Edition. The other 21 are canvas prints.

Each artwork is unique. This means you get to decide what will be on the number plate! If you have suggestions for other details, please don’t hesitate and see if they’re possible.

Please note:
1. Colours and shadows may vary somewhat from the images on the screen.
2. This giclee print is sent to you unframed.

Ships in 7-12 workdays with Track ‘n’ Trace

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20 x 30 cm (approx. 7.9 x 11.8”)


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