Free Collage Service for a Limited Edition classic car

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This Collage Service can show how your Limited Edition classic car fits in the You can upload photos of the room you have in mind for your car. This is a digital service.

IMPORTANT: please send me a few photos of the room you wish to hang your classic car in. Let me know which size or sizes you are considering, so I can make a true representation.

You can send the photos to me using this link.


Before you purchase a vintage car from one of the Limited Editions, you want to make sure it is indeed the perfect fit for the space you have in mind. This Collage Service comes to the resque!

This Collage Service offers you a visual of how the room will look with the desired car in the right size.

Uploading photos

For this service you will have to upload a few photos of the place you would like your classic car to hang.

Please note: the quality of your photos is important. The better the quality, the clearer the final visual will be.

Do I need to use this service before ordering my classic car?

No. If you feel confident it is all good, then you can skip this service and order your classic car.


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