Classic car: choose make, colour and 1 animal driving it

3,097.005,997.00 Incl. VAT/ BTW

Saab 92 in green interior

Commission your favourite car, driven by your pets! You can ask to be surprised or give detailed instructions. For instance, perhaps you do not want a convertible. You may want specific text and/or digits on the number plate. The car can have sport stripes. Stars. Flowers. Flames!



Get a unique, hand-embellished canvas print of your favourite car in your favourite colours. Driven by your very own pet! Or maybe by your totem animal. Or maybe by your starsign (if that is an animal, of course).

Price includes:
– any make/year of car;
– any colour you prefer;
– personalised number plate;
– your chosen animal


Additional information

Hand embellished canvas print

50 x 70 cm (19.7 x 27.5”), 60 x 80 cm (23.6 x 31.5”), 90 x 120 cm (35.5 x 47”), 100 x 140 cm (39 x 55”)


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