Bronze Cruisin’ (Ferrari GTS 365): Limited Edition

980.001,155.00 Incl. VAT/ BTW

A bronze Ferrari goes absolutely everywhere! This ready to hang painting comes in different sizes. And each one is unique!

This painting is ready to hang. It is a Limited Edition canvas print of a digitally oil painted classic car. It has personalised details, making it unique. After I number and sign the artwork, it is carefully varnished with a satin UV blocking lacquer.

Each Limited Edition holds no more than 24 copies total.

You can choose a different numberplate to this car, to make it specialised for you, or for the one you gift it to.



This bronze Ferrari GTS 365, built in 1969, is a great collector’s piece for Ferrari and mice lovers. Or just Ferrari lovers. 😉


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50 x 90 cm (19.7 x 35.4”), 60 x 100 cm (23.6 x 39.4”)


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