Nightly Spin: blue (Blue-and-white Alfa Romeo 8C 2900A (1937)): Limited Edition

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This lovely classic convertible Alfa Romeo is asset to any room. Bedroom, living room, the office – it fits absolutely everywhere.

This painting is ready to hang. It is a Limited Edition canvas print of a digitally oil painted classic car. It has personalised details, making it unique. After I number and sign the artwork, it is carefully varnished with a satin UV blocking lacquer.

Each Limited Edition holds no more than 24 copies total.

You can choose a different numberplate to this car, to make it specialised for you, or for the one you gift it to.

Please note: this car is still being build. Please let me know if you need to know when it will be finished.

Please note: colours and shadows may vary somewhat from the images on the screen.



This blue-and-white Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 A (1937) is taken out for a leisure spin by two cats. A moonlit starry night, what more can one cat ask for..?

There are only 24 copies within a Limited Edition. This includes the ones in the Cute Car Selection.

This means you get to decide what will be on the number plate! If you have suggestions for other details, please don’t hesitate and see if they’re possible.


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40 x 80 cm (15.7 x 31.5”), 50 x 100 cm (19.7 x 39.4”), 60 x 120 cm (23.6 x 59”), 80 x 160 cm (31.5 x 63”)


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