Abstract Art

I tend to do different things. Because I love colour and shape, I have a collection of abstract art. It can be found right here: Moonscape Arts.

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Moving Past
Moving Past, 40 x 40 cm | 15.7 x 15.7”

Classic Cars & Animals

Because animals driving classic cars are really cute, I paint those too. These are all digital artworks. Each painting is therefore a print on canvas or a giclée print. Not only are these Limited Editions – each painting holds specific details to your liking.

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Studebaker E-M-F turqoise grunge background
Studebaker E-M-F turqoise grunge background

Pencil Drawings: Bijdehante Beesten & Crude Little Animals

Realistic pencil drawings of animals. The Dutch animals are smart-asses in black and white, the English animals are really tiny, in colour and rather rude. Both categories are sold as original and in very limited editions of 14 giclée prints.

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The Fox, close-up
Crude Little Animals
Het Hert
Bijdehante Beesten

Enjoy your free cartoons in English of Nederlands

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