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Digital: prizes for pet portraits. VAT/GST/BTW is included.

digital oil paintingpricedigital coloured pencil drawingprice
1 pet (head & chest)€ 425.001 pet (head & chest)€ 650.00
2nd pet (head & chest)€ 375.002nd pet (head & chest)€ 600.00
1 pet (whole body)€ 550.001 pet (whole body)€ 750.00
2nd pet (whole body)€ 450.002nd pet (whole body)€ 650.00
standard backgrond€ 0.00standard background€ 0.00
full background€ 75.00full background€ 125.00

Mentioned prices are indications: the final quotation depends also on photo (quality).

Prices are for digital work. Printing and shipping costs are not included. Should you wish, I can arrange for this. Please let me know if you want more information about this.


In order to make the best painting possible, the photos of your pet(s) must be of good quality. Photos that are over- or underexposed or blurry may mean the quotation ends up being higher. If the quality is really poor, I may not be able to work with them at all.


I would like to hear your preference for the colour(s) of the background.

I will send you the painting in low resolution after the first draft. This is the time to adjust details, so please don’t hold back! The feedback I get on the first draft will determine the final artwork. The art piece is sent to you in high resolution. Should you wish to have it printed and sent by me, please ask me for a quotation for this.
After you give me the green light moving forward with the first draft, payment is due (via PayPal).


The digital oil paintings are printable up to 60 x 80 cm | approx. 23.6 x 31.5”. The digital coloured pencil drawings are printable up to 25 x 25 cm | approx. 9.8 x 9.8”. It is possible to print the coloured pencil drawings on fine art paper and this can be done right here in the studio. This way you get a museum quality fine art print, also called a giclée print.

Wyoming horses
Two horses (digital oil painting)
Rex the German Shepard
Rex the German Shepard (mixed media digital oil painting & digital coloured pencil)

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