Since December 14th, 2022 my work is on This is an NFT e-commerce platform.

Non-fungible token, say what?

A non-fungible token or NFT is a unique digital identifier. It can’t be copied, subdivided or substituted. It is recorded in a blockchain. I could tell you what a blockchain is, if I knew it myself. It is something to do with sharing among nodes of a computer network. I looked it up, but understanding or explaining it unfortunately is not my cup of tea!

One of a kind

Every NFT is a one of a kind: it comes with built-in authentication. They come with exclusive ownership rights: an NFT can only be owned by one person. It can be sold, but again; it cannot be copied.

Strictly need to know basis

Well, honestly, knowing all the ins and outs of blockchains, cryptocurrency, nodes, bitcoin and databases is not necessary to join the game! Buying and selling NFT can be extremely lucrative. Obviously if you step in you may want to check a solid website that does explain it to the teeth, but for me as an artist I feel I don’t need to know every 100th inch of it all.

As for now

Right now only Waves, Surrounded By Love and This Could Be Heaven are available as an NFT, but new artwork is minted as we speak, so keep checking every now and then!
Are you interested to see a particular artwork as a NFT? Simply let me know!

Waves. Abstract painting of blue waves on a red background.
Waves (Moonscape Arts)

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