personal classic cars

I had quite a few people asking me about the Limited Editions classic cars. I have every size of these printed no more then seven times, with a total of 24 pieces in every Limited Edition. This ensures that each artwork is a rarity! When it comes to personal details, your wishes of course are taken into account. As a result each and every artwork is unique, with details that specificially mean something to the owner. Details such as particular names or digits on the number plate are always different per art piece.

… About detals

Details you choose are only limited by your imagination. I always take the number plate as example, but maybe you would like a particular logo somewhere? Or a bird flying by? About the number plate, besides special letters, digits or names you can also opt for a number plate from a specific place and year. Check out the Bronze Ferrari (number 1 of 24, because the others of course are different): it has a 1969 number plate from Manitoba, Canada. (Don’t be alarmed to see this one in more than one photo on this website: those are mock-up photos, purely to show what an art work can look like in different surroundings. There is only one Bronze Ferrari with a 1969 Manitoba number plate in real life!)

How does this work?

After a canvas print arrives in the studio, I carefully varnish it with satin gloss UV blocking lacquer. This brings out the colours to a seriously vibrant level! It also protects the artwork against dust, sun and other environmental influences.

How will you know?

I sign and number every painting personally once it arrived in the studio. Should the work benefit from a little hand-embellishment, I will make sure to do this too! A certificate of authenticity accompanies each and every carefully packed painting. I sign and number this certificate by hand.

Cute Car Blue Cruisin’ (Ferrari GTS 365, 1969) above a side table (framed)
Blue Cruisin’ above a side table

Foto van voorkant pdf: Cruisin’ in the living room (blue Ferrari GTS 365, 1969)

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