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Here you find free services that you can choose without obligations. When you decide to purchase your vintage car, I want you to be perfectly happy. The services you find here can help you make the perfect choice!

Free PDF

Get five suggestions for free! This way you can make an informed choice once the time has come.

Get Your Free PDF (This PDF will be available shortly — 18 October 2021)

Cover free PDF Classic Cars Go Everywhere, 5 suggestions to enhance your living space

Free Collage Service

If you are not sure how a Limited Edition classic car will fit in the space you chose for it, I can help out. Send me photos of the room and I will make a visualisation for you. This way you can see if the size and car suit this area. If you are interested in this service, please find this option in the store right here.

Monaco Maserati Bunny (Maserati 4CLT, 1948) on the wall
Monaco Maserati Bunny (Maserati 4CLT, 1948) on the wall

Free 10 minute Skype talk: discuss with me all options and your wishes regarding a classic car

In this calendar you can choose a time of your convenience. Should these times or dates not work for you, please contact me so we can work something else out.

Collage service for your unique classic car

In case you are looking to buy a brand new vintage car, we can talk about your desired details and I can make a mock-up representation of it in your room. To buy this service, please go here.

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