Frequently Asked Questions

I have carefully composed these F.A.Q. of questions I got over time. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Limited Edition versus Personalised Classic Car

Question: What is the difference between a car from a Limited Edition and a classic car featuring my own pets?
Answer: the Limited Editions are cars that are non-commissioned. If you ask me for a specific car featuring your pets (or other animals) this is a custom-made painting of which only one copy exist. There will not be another painting!


Question: Can I have more than two animals?
Answer: Yes you can. Please contact me for pricing!


Question: what about copyright?
Answer: as the artist I always keep the copyright of all images I create. This means that even though it is your car and there will never be another painting of it, the image can be used for a card for instance. For more information on copyright please check out the page Terms & Conditions.

Number of copies within a Limited Edition

Question: what about the number of paintings within a Limited Edition?
Answer: there are several sizes to each image within a Limited Edition: up to 4. This way you can be sure that the car you fancy fits exactly where you picture it, whether the space is small or large. Each size will only be printed 8 times. As soon as all 8 have gone, there can never be another painting of that size within that Limited Edition. In conclusion: there will never be more than 24 copies of each Limited Edition.

Changes within a Limited Edition painting

Question: What if I want the car of a Limited Edition in another colour?
Answer: Unfortunately this is not possible. You can opt for different details, for instance the numberplate.

Personal details on a Limited Edition artwork

Question: Can I get a personalised number plate on a car within a Limited Edition?
Answer: Yes you can! Please let me know what you would like it to say. This can be numbers and/or digits. Or a word.

Options of details

Question: Can the number plate say something rude?
Answer: It’s your painting and it is hanging on your wall, so yes. There may be things though that compromise my sense of artisanship, in which case I have to refuse.

Cabriolets versus coupes

Question: Are all cars convertibles?
Answer: In case you order a personalised classic car you can definitely choose to get your car a roof! We can discuss all the details you desire. This way you know your car will be as personal as possible! If you’d rather I surprise you, that is also an option. In general I like to paint roadsters because they highlight the animal drivers and passengers.


Question: Can I pay in instalments?
Answer: Yes you can. Since I do not yet have an automated system on the website yet, please contact me so we can work out an easy payment plan that works for you.

Places, places

Question: Where exactly can my classic cars go?
Answer: They can go everywhere! See also the free pdf ‘Classic Cars Go Everywhere’, which is to be found here. Whether it is your living room, your bed room, your dining room, your office or entrance hall, a classic car is charming everywhere! This way you can expand your collection accordingly. You can find examples of classic cars in various room here.

Please note: the paintings are not suitable for outdoors or a bathroom unless it has extended ventilation. Should you wish to hang your classic car in the yard, please contact me.

Cruisin’ in the bedroom (a bronze Ferrari GTS 365 from 1969)