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Limited Editions Classic Cars

A vintage convertible driven by cats, rabbits, dogs or maybe even guinea pigs. Not to forget, birds and snakes can also join the party! A Limited Edition Classic Beast Automobile (also known as a LECBA) makes for the perfect present for the ultimate vintage car lover who loves their pets. In general I paint cars made from 1930 to 1960 but of course the exeption proves the rule, as the Ferrari GTS 365 makes clear: it was built in 1969.

Each Limited Edition consists of no more than 24 art pieces in total. A different number plate makes sure each work is absolutely unique. Colour, number plate and background are the client’s choice when it comes to a commission!

Made-To-Order Classic Cars

Although each car that leaves the studio is unique because every artwork is personalised and then signed, numbered and varnished by hand, these unique Made-To-Order Classic Cars are unique in every brushstroke. This is a particular car you choose, the model you desire, colours that make you happy and animals (perhaps your pets!) that nurture the soul. Only one copy of a Unique Classic Car will be available. And it is yours! If you are ready to take this opportunity, you can choose ‘Made-To-Custom Classic Car’ in the store.

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Cruisin’ (Ferrari GTS 365, 1969) on the wall
Cruisin’ (Ferrari GTS 365, 1969) on the wall
Monaco Maserati Bunny (Maserati 4CLT, 1948)
Monaco Maserati Bunny (Maserati 4CLT, 1948)
Fearless (Morgan Plus 4, 1956) on the wall
Fearless (Morgan Plus 4, 1956) on the wall
Moment In Time (Saab 92, 1950) with proud owner
Moment In Time (Saab 92, 1950: a Unique Classic Car) with proud owner
Gift Certificates

Need a special gift for a friend or colleague but not sure which car will suit best? You can get gift certificates at Tim Hupkes Art, so they can choose themselves! You find them right here.

Download your very own copy of Classic Cars go Everywhere right here. With 8 solid tips on how to make your house even more of a home! 🤩 Click on the pdf on the left.

Cover of free pdf ‘5 tips to enhance your living space’ (Classic Cars Go Everywhere)
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