What to do, what to do…

Like most artists, I like to do a lot of different things. However, if there is one thing that’s unbearably annoying, it’s a chaotic website (or stepping into dog poop 😝). I have tried to be as clear as possible. Lucky for me I will have someone who knows about clear websites take a look at it next month. Just to make sure!

So… what DO I do?

I have restricted my available work into three categories. There is the abstract art, which is very straightforward. It has a seperate website, so how’s that for clear?! Yet the other two… of which one is divided into two… Oy.

The Abstracts

Yes, straightforward! Yay. All the abstract artworks are on Moonscape Arts. My love for colour, shape and fully going with my intuition is poured into these paintings. Every single one is an original artwork, painted by hand.

Moving Past
Moving Past
Flare (abstract painting)

Classic Cars Go Everywhere

These are all Limited Editions of animals driving classic cars. There are Cute Cars, mini Limited Editions of 3 pieces each, these are museum quality print on fine art paper: giclée prints. And then there are the canvas prints. Each Limited Edition is printed no more than 8 times (per size). Want to know more about these cars and what makes them unique? Check out right here!
This is how you can get to the cars and all information on them.

Studebaker E-M-F fuchsia grunge background
Studebaker E-M-F Demi Tonneau (1912)
Moment in Time (Saab 92, 1950), unique artwork (original art)
Moment in Time (Saab 92, 1950)

Pencil Drawings

This category is divided into two: Dutch black and white drawings of smart-ass animals: the Bijdehante Beesten (basically: the smart-ass beasts). And of course the Crude Little Animals! The latter are really tiny, in coloured pencil and, yes, very rude.

The originals are for sale as well as very Limited Editions: every pencil drawing Limited Edition holds 14 copies, giclée prints on fine art papier. Giclée prints are a museum quality print that really makes details and colours pop. To see the pencil drawings, click here.

Social Media

Subsequently I also have several different social media accounts. On Facebook and Instagram I have the Moonscape Art account for my abstract work, Tim Hupkes Art for the classic cars and Tim Hupkes for the pencil drawings (on Tim Hupkes you can also find older work, I have actually been even more chaotic then I am today! #Victory)

My profile photo on Instagram @MoonscapeArts
My profile photo on Instagram @TimHupkesArt
My profile image on Instagram @TimHupkes. I actually feel this one represents me the best 🤔
Classic cars and animals Free PDF: 5 tips to enhance your living space
5 Free Tips To Make Your House EVEN Nicer

Classic Cars: Limited Editions paintings

personal classic cars

I had quite a few people asking me about the hand-embellishing of the Limited Editions classic cars. I have printed each size within a Limited Edition no more then eight times, This ensures every artwork is unique. When it comes to personal details, your wishes are definitely taken into account!

How does this work?

I paint digitally. Your specific details are also painted digitally, after which the file is sent to an amazing canvas printer, who has put a lot of years into finding the right varnish. This way the colours are even brighter and the painting is protected.

How will I know?

I sign and number every painting personally on the side, so the image is not disturbed.. A certificate of authenticity comes with each every painting.

Cruisin’ in the living room (blue Ferrari GTS 365)

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