The look of this ostrich is becoming mine more and more. The first time I sent mugs to England all was well. Did I become overconfident? Fact is that they arrived in fragments this time. Having insured the parcel I felt fearless.


Of course it’s not easy getting the insurance money. Why should it be? Imagine you’d just get paid as soon as you give them proof! Ha, ha. To make matters worse: they are in for a whole new set of photos. Because, sadly, parcel 2 didn’t survive the travels either.

Three times a charm..!

Now that the next parcel will be on its way, there will only be 1 mug left in my store. It is high time for me to be able to connect my store with a service that provides it all for me: the printing, the shipping. This is a dream come true… Or it will be, as soon as I can get the store to connect 😉

This is where you can find the stern looking ostrich (limited edition art print on beautiful acid free paper)

In case you were wondering how sent items get broken 🤔

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