Fine art prints: everything you always wanted to know

A giclée, what is it?

The name comes from the French ‘gicler’, which means ‘flow’ or ‘splash’. During this process the rays of ink continuously hit the paper. The printer I use has 12 colours of ink – it can handle literally any tint! And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the colours keep their strenght and depth up to 100 years.

Why owning a giclée print feels so good

I print most fine art prints myself in my art studio. I use an A3+ giclée printer: an Epson Stylus Photo R2880. The paper I choose is Innova Soft Cotton 280 gms. This is a beautiful, acid free paper made partially of cotton. This combination gives a lovely result each and every time!
You are in good company when choosing a giclée print: among other museum the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (Netherlands) sell these quality prints in their museum shop.

How do I best take care of my giclée?

No matter how strong and intense the colours are, in the end a giclée is a… print on paper. This means it is sensitive to moisture. It therefore prefers to be framed behind glass. You can put it on a cupboard or such without a frame, in this case please be aware it best not keep it in or near a bathroom or kitchen.

Find more about piezo printing heads in this Youtube video.

Three examples of my work as giclée prints.

Japanese secrets: West 2
Japanese Secrets: South
Dragon Cat Art Print
Dragon Cat
Wyoming horses
Two friendly horses
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