So you need some (more) art in your house… Where to begin..?

I came across this fantastic tool on the Dutch houseplant website Plantsome. It helps you find exactly what you’re looking for. First, you answer questions like: where in your home do you want to place the plant? Does this spot receive a lot or just a bit of sunlight? Do you have pets? How big would you like your plant to be? Then, a few options are generated. Easy-peasy!

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Surface Design: sneak peak of the jungle

I am momentarily working on several different surface design collections. One of them stars zebras! Zebras combine very well with loads of colours. It is very challenging for me me to not go overboard: I adore colours!

Zebras on a yellow background with light yellow zebra stripes
Striped Jungle: yellow
Zebras on a purple background with lilac zebra stripes
Striped Jungle: purple
Zebras on a blue background with light blue zebra stripes
Striped Jungle: blue

Steep learning curve

I am learning a lot designing this way. There is so much to consider! How to get beautifully fitted repeat patterns, so that you don’t end up with half a tail of a zebra on your wallpaper or bedding with a head attached to it (yikes!)


Once my patters are ready to go – and I am not making any promises as to when I can have this done 😳 – they will be available via POD* websites. This way you can have them printed on your mobile case, throw pillow and what-not!

*POD: print on demand. There are a few very popular sites which offer this, among them is Society6.

Embrace, abstract painting
I am considering having some of my abstract art printed on items as well! How would this Embrace look on a throw pillow? I wouldn’t mind having that on my couch!

Fine art prints: everything you always wanted to know

A giclée, what is it?

The name comes from the French ‘gicler’, which means ‘flow’ or ‘splash’. During this process the rays of ink continuously hit the paper. The printer I use has 12 colours of ink – it can handle literally any tint! And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the colours keep their strenght and depth up to 100 years.

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