Them Beasties

Them Beasties are a group of different animals who live in the forest. Together they have loads and loads and adventures! They have a lot of fun together.

Where do they live?

Them Beasties live with their families in Nothingham Forest. It’s an amazing wood. There are ancient trees who still remember the Olden Days (oh, the stories they can tell…) and also very young trees. There are many beautiful flowers and there is luscious, green grass. A particular favorite of Brian Rabbit and his brother Robbie. Strawberry horse also loves this grass. It’s probably the most delicious grass in the whole wide world!!! But there are also all sorts of nuts, which Archie and his family enjoy very much. And in the rich soil there are at least a trizillion juicy earth worms. Bertie blackbird absolutely loves these!

Them Beasties… plus 2

Because they are always willing to help the club, Robbie rabbit and Coffee Toad have been announced honorary members. They are promised a self-made medal of Honor, but so far the clubmembers haven’t had time yet to craft these yet. Maybe they will have time to do it next winter… when it’s too cold to play outside for too long!


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Knut the Eagle Owl (Them Beasties)
Knut the eagle owl