About the artist


Artist Tim Hupkes

Because humor brings
light in dark places and
helps solving problems,
I feel I should advocate it endlessly.

My name is Tim Hupkes, artist Tim Hupkes. (Yet I don’t like martinis, neither stirred nor shaken) My work consists of colourful, humourful animals, ‘things’ and situations. It is perfect for products for young children, teens and adults. Although most of my work is consistently colourful and funny, there is work distinctively for a younger and older targetgroup: some of the cartoons are (almost) x-rated.

Professional development

In 1996 I went to the art academy in Rotterdam, where I studied Advertising & Copywriting. After exhibiting paintings, illustrating in commission and a few art licensing commissions, I decided my heart lay exactly there: art licensing.

In 2014 I stepped it up a bit to deepen my professionality in this field. I took the Art Licensing Course with the Art Licensing Academy (Tara Reed; the Academy is now in different hands).

I enjoy working with clients. Because Photoshop and InDesign hold no secrets for me, we can always get you the precisely right picture or character, in case you find an ‘almost perfect’ in my portfolio.

Where and with whom does artist tim hupkes live and whY?

I work and live in Hellevoetsluis, the Netherlands with my husband and one cat, the last one standing of four. (Catlady much..?) I like to take long walks along the Haringvliet, a lough close by. There are loads of animals there to give me inspiration.

Those sneaky ideas

I mostly work digitally but also appreciate a pencil or brush. Whether it’s a simple pencil drawing b/w of a watercolours painting or an acrylics painting, I love it all. Just so long as I can draw it’s basically alright! Usually all the right ideas come to me during the night (jotting them down is a must but means staying awake afterwards… small price to pay) and under the shower. This means that I sometimes rush to put down an idea and walk around with shampoo residue in my hair for the rest of the day… Occupational hazard!

Want to know more of what I’m about? Check out my mission statement right here.