The Scary Strange Thing (Chapter 1)

One fine day Coffee Toad sees Lil’ Scoop fly by so fast, his very first coffee of the morning spills over the brim of his cup. He looks up in surprise. Even though he tries very hard, he cannot hear what she yells. Only a few by speed deformed high notes. He shrugs and calmly drinks the remains of his espresso.

A few minutes later Lil’ Fly Piglet breathlessy lands at the feet of Archie and Knut.
‘What’s wrong, Lil’ Scoop?’ Knut asks.
‘There is, there is, there is a strange thing in the forest!’ Lil’ Flyin’ Piglet tries hard to catch her breath.
Knut and Archie look at each other.
‘A strang thing..?’
They decide to go and pick up the rest of the gang and have a look.

There it is. A great big thing. What is it..? Nobody knows. They all stand around it in silence, pinching their eyes against its bright light. Then Archie says; ‘I’m going to touch it!’

Everybody starts yelling and screaming.
‘That’s dangerous!’
‘Maybe you will be evaporised!!’
But Archie comes closer and closer… He reaches out… Touches The Thing with his index finger.

Nothing happens.

They all feel a little disappointed and decide to go swimming in the pond. They have a lot of fun even though the water is cold. Gradually they forget about the Strange Thing, that obviously wasn’t so scary after all!