The Scary Strange Thing (Chapter 5)

His friends are gathered around the tree. They listen to all his adventures. They can’t believe it’s true! But they have seen how strong he is now. It must be true! Wow, their friend is a real hero!

Archie tells and tells and tells. He has so many stories. His friends enjoy all his tales. They shiver when he tells how Archie encountered the fox (but didn’t fear him) and they feel very proud of him when he tells them, how he helped an old rabbit by chopping and carrying heaps of firewood.archiescheptoptimhupkes

And Archie tells. And tells. And tells.

After a few more hours Strawberry is getting a little irritated. Archie is talking about himself a lot. How he saved this animal, and that one… how he helped rabbits, squirrels, hogs and hedgehogs… Strawberry swings her tail. She is not amused anymore! She catches Fjødr’s eye and sees her irritation reflected on his face. They all look at each other now. They are done! Done with Archie telling them how fantastic he is.