The Scary Strange Thing (Chapter 4)

For four very long days they search for Archie. Where can he have gone..?
‘Maybe he vaporised a few hours after touching the Scary Thing,’ Bertie names the unidentified object.
They all shiver. They don’t want to believe this!

In silence they sit around the campfire. Lil’ Flyin’ Piglet is roasting marshmellows. Nobody is hungry, but she insists: ‘We must eat something! Tomorrow we go on with the search!’

The next morning they gather together before the search. They all look very, very tired and sad. Knut sighs. Then they hear something in the bushes nearby… What is that? Is it the fox? Bertie flies to a nearby branch to be on the safe side. He has had a very traumatic experience with the fox!

And then… Archie! He comes walking out of the bush like he hasn’t been missing at all! They all start yelling his name and they smile and laugh. Archie smiles, but he says nothing. He walks away.

‘Where have you been?’
‘Had you lost your way?’
‘Did they capture you?’ (Nobody knows who ‘they’ are)
‘Did you hurt your foot, so you couldn’t walk anymore?’

Archie keeps walking. They now see that he holds a pillow under one of his arms. They start following him. He walks up to a large tree, climbs into it and sits down on the pillow on a huge branch. And he starts telling them where he has been.