The Scary Strange Thing (Chapter 3)

The next morning Knut hops over to Archie’s place. He feels like going off the zip-line. He knows Archie has been practicing on his grandparents’ chandelier and he hopes to learn some new tricks to go even faster!

Or maybe Archie can lift more things. And push more things! That would be fun.

But Archie is not home.

Knut hops to Fjødr’s place. Together they go to Lil’ Flyin’ Piglet, Bertie, Brian and Strawberry.
No one has seen Archie..!
They go and search for him.

After a few hours they even ask Coffee Toad and Robbie to help. This is not a game anymore!

They search all day long. When the sun goes done, Lil’ Flyin’ Piglet and Fjødr have very tires wings. The others have painful feet and everybody has a sore throat from all the yelling.

They look everywhere…

The next day they are on their way again before dawn. All day long they look behind every tree and in every bush. They cannot find Archie anywhere…