Brian Rabbit

Brian is Robbie’s younger brother. He is easily spooked, something his friends happily take advantage off. Of course they always keep it fun!
Brian is crazy about carrots. Over the years his fur has grown more and more orange and word has been whispered, that this is because of all the carrots he eats…


Strawberry Horse

Strawberry left her team when she was quite young because she was being bullied for her looks. She left and found shelter with the mice who live at the edge of the forest. She helped them gather the herb they needed to break the witch’s curse and stayed with the ever since.

Strawberry likes to hang out with Archie, Knut and the rest of the gang and play tricks on everyone.

Strawberry loves grass and green apples.


Knut Eagleowl

Knut is always cheerful. Unfortunately he is a little clumsy, so he keeps hopping over other animals. Because he is so lovable, nobody really minds. Knut’s favorite foods are earthworms and apple seeds.

Knut is so attached to his Nordic sweater that his mum knitted a second one, so his dad (who does the laundry) can wash them every now and then. Knut just wouldn’t take it off when he had just the one…


Fjødr Bat

Fjødr is always the first to raise his paw at school. He likes to give all the answers and fair is fair, he does know a great deal. He loves to study. He is not a tiresome bookworm though! He loves to go on adventures with Archie, Knut and the rest of the gang! Fjødr loves to eat little black flies and oranges.

Archie Coolmouse

Archie is a very adventurous mouse. He likes to build a fire and go down the river on a self made raft. If there is an venture in sight, Archie is your mouse! Archie’s favorite foods are marshmellows and kale.

Archie’s great-uncle is the famous yet amiable professor PhD M.A. Ad Vice. The professor has many exciting adventures and Archie always begs him to take his grand-nephew with him but that’s far too dangerous! The professor almost got eaten during a trip. He nearly drowned on another journey. He even got set on fire..!

Robbie Barista

Even as a young rabbit Robbie was always very serious. Was this because he was an older brother (to Brian)? Fact of the matter is, that he was very goalminded even as a youngster. His parents trembled at the thought of him leaving for Italy when he was – in their eyes – just a tiny rabbit still. But Robbie knew what he was doing!

Italy proved to be a walhalla for him. He had always been fascinated by coffee. He loved the smell rather than the taste, so he was thrilled to find a real coffee drinker when he got back home. Ever since he and Coffee Toad have been the best of mates!


Lil’ Flyin’ Piglet


Lil’ Flyin’ Piglet flies around the forest all day long, telling everyone what is happening in other parts of the woods. She absolutely loves to gossip, ‘this is why I got wings!’ is an often heard quote. She does however have a heart of gold, that bleeds whenever one of her friends is in trouble.

Lil’ Flyin’ Piglet also goes by the nickname ‘Lil’ Scoop’. She is almost always cheerful and as long as Fjødr does not ‘steal’ ‘her’ news and spreads it before she can, she doesn’t get angry at all.



Coffee Toad

Coffee Toad is always calm. This is very peculiar, because he drinks a lot of coffee. Coffee Toad is crazy about coffee. Latte, Espresso, Vienna coffee, Greek frappé coffee… He loves them all!

Sometimes there is whisper that this is the reason Coffee Toad is best friends with Robbie Barista. I for one do not believe this! They are both very serious, calm animals and this is probably why they understand each other so very well.