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As a manufacturer or retailer you always face the challenge to make your products as appealing as possible. Tim Hupkes Art can be of assistence! Art for Companies is just that: art to embellish your products. Whether it’s t-shirts or tableware, rucksacks or givaways… Making them look even more attractive is a piece of cake for the funny, colourful animals, situations and objects you will find here.

Art for companies

A large range of products can benefit from my colourful and sassy art. There is always an image of character that makes a perfect fit. Because I work in commission as well, I can alter an existing image. Also I can create new ones to your liking. Therefore there is always a right ‘answer’ to your project ‘question.’ As a result sales will boost.*

Together we will make your product stand out!

How does it work?

The amount of images you can see on this website can freely viewed is limited. If you are professionally interested, please get your account here. You will be able to view the whole portfolio. In higher resolution.

You can find something you would like to use right here on the website. Depending on edition, distribution, time length of the contract, agree of exclusiveness and preference for flat fee and/or commission we can agree on a price. Should you wish for something that is not yet on the website this may add a little to the price (making costs). As a result of so many factors it is not possible to give you a quote right away.


Tim Hupkes binnen- Art for companies

There are images and characters to be found under Art Licensing (in the menu). Would you rather I brainstorm with you, please contact me. Nothing would please me more!
email: tim AT
telephone: +31 (0) 6 55 14 1970
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My name is Tim Hupkes. I am a Netherlands-based artist. My work is mostly digitally but also love a good pencil and brush. The upside of life tends to catch my attention: humour can bring such solace while it can do wonders for one’s health. Besides that… it’s just great to laugh!


* Please bear in mind that great sales are a result of many elements of the equation and the artwork in itself cannot garanty good sales

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Please note: at this moment I am adding art material (December 12th, 2017)